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We have decided to discontinue our use of Livestreaming for our Sunday morning services. We were glad to have had the option when we needed it, but we feel that it is time to stop using this service. Here are a few of the reasons for this decision:

1) We began to utilize Livestreaming while Covid-19 restrictions were in place. It proved to be a very valuable and helpful option during that time. Now that most restrictions have been removed, we feel that this option is no longer as necessary. We also feel that it is time for those who are able to attend our services, to return and be with God's people once again. 

2) For those who frequently viewed our Livestream, they know how unreliable it would often be. We have been using a free service offered through our church website. If the church were to use a paid service, the amount required for such an option is much greater than we can afford.

3) There have been fewer and fewer people watching the Livestream over the last two months. It seems unreasonable to continue to offer it at this time.

We hope that this helps you to understand our decision to discontinue our Livestream. If you were one who watched the Livestream and have more questions, feel free to contact us: (231) 354-6437 or email:

We will continue to record the audio for both the morning and evening messages. They will be posted on the website on each following Monday or Tuesday. You can go here to listen to sermons or click the button below:

No more Livestream?

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