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Facing the new year

Back in 1962, evangelist Billy Graham gave this challenge regarding how to face a new year filled with unknowns:

"To many people, this new year will bring suffering, sorrow and untold sadness. Many will be called upon to walk through the 'valley of the shadow of death.' (Ps. 23:4) During this new year, some will stand at the grave, blotting hot tears of bereavement as a minister says of a departed loved one, 'Dust you are and to dust you shall return.' (Gen. 3:19) Some people will be maimed by accidents on highways, and others will be victims of cancer or heart attacks. Some will fall victim to the attacks of terrorists, and others will experience financial disaster. Millions of people, wandering aimlessly in life's struggles, will be filled with inner fears and frustrations and fail to realize their cherished dreams, hopes and ambitions. . . In the midst of all this, there is but one hope - the hope that Jesus Christ is coming again. Without that hope, we cannot face the future." - Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.

How does the return of Jesus Christ affect your thoughts of the coming year? Does it give you a sense of security and peace, remembering its unstoppable reality? Does it give you a sense of purpose reminding you of what is really important? Does it give you a sense of conviction wanting to be alert and ready for His appearing? I hope His return is something you believe in, you are anticipating, and that is giving you confidence to face 2019.

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