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Hallowed be Your name

What requests are we to bring to our Father in heaven? First on our list may not be the first request of Jesus in His example of prayer for us. "Hallowed be Your name." What does it even mean? When something is hallowed it is recognized for its true value and worth. We want something to be noticed and appreciated for its intrinsic value. So, we must first ask, is there value and worth in the name of God? The Bible tells us there is. In fact the Bible teaches the value of God's name is greater than the value of any other name in heaven or on earth, so we are commanded to never take His name in vain. His name represents who He truly is. When we ask what is the glory and value of God's name, we are asking what is His worth? So, how are we to know of His worth? His supreme glory and worth is evident in the world He has made. The order and beauty of this world reveal to us a wise, powerful and glorious creator. But His supreme glory is most evident to us in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the expression of God's glory to us. He is the expression of His glorious justice to us. God is perfectly just in all of His ways. Therefore, all sin or disobedience against Him must be punished. The punishment for sin is everlasting death in hell. So, Jesus came to satisfy the perfect justice of God by taking our sin's punishment upon Himself. He is also the expression of God's glorious love to us. God could tell us all day long that He loves us, but love must be expressed in action. So, God's love for us is expressed in the sending of His Son, Jesus Christ, into this world to take away our sins against Him. Jesus Christ shows us the greatness of the glory of God's justice, love, wisdom, power, grace, mercy and truth. He shows us that God's name is glorious and He prays that the glory of His name will be recognized. Hallowed be Your name. Hallowed by whom? Hallowed where? When? The value and glory of God is neither seen nor appreciated by a vast number of people on earth. In fact, is there any place where God's name is truly hallowed? That place is heaven. There is nobody in heaven that does not continuously see and appreciate the glory of God. That is the heart of the issue and the reason for this request. Jesus asks that the name of God be hallowed on earth just as it is in heaven. There is a day coming when Jesus Christ will return to this earth with the full brightness of the glory of God. In that day, the name of God will be hallowed on earth as it is in heaven. Is that what you want? Do you hallow the name of God? Do you recognize His glory and value? Then pray that His glorious name will soon be hallowed on earth as it is in heaven.

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