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The first aspect of God's work of providence is preservation. This is basically the work of God in keeping things as they are. God the creator is also God the sustainer. He actively maintains the material and operation of every particle of the universe. Colossians 1:17 teaches us that by the Lord everything is held together. Were he to forsake His creation, it would immediately dissolve into destruction and emptiness. God is not absent from the world He has made, He is constantly, intimately involved in preserving it. The implications of this are that, first of all, He must have a purpose for every moment of time. Secondly, the universe will never decay faster than He allows, or be destroyed until He determines it. Thirdly, you are still here in this world, at this moment by His power and design. Your life is being preserved by Him, and He is actively accomplishing His purpose for you.

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