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Standing in Grace

The second blessing presented to us in these two magnificent verses is that a believer stands in the grace of God. "through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand." (Rom. 5:2) We know what it means to be in someone's "good graces." It means that we are favored by them. We are welcomed and well received by them. A believer not only lives at peace with God, but also knows a particular favor and blessing in the presence of God. When you come to God in prayer what is his response to you? Are you afraid you might be a bother to Him? Are you uncertain of a warm welcome? How can we be confident that we are in His "good graces?" Paul reminds us in our verse that Jesus Christ has brought us into the presence of God. We have been introduced into the presence of God's grace by the beloved Son of God Himself. Just as the Father said "this is my beloved Son in whom I am WELL PLEASED," we also stand in the position of God's favor through our faith in Jesus Christ. We stand in the grace of God. He showers grace after grace upon His children. We are also reminded here that it is ONLY grace by which we can stand before God. We stand on the foundation of His grace extended to us through Jesus Christ. We never stand before Him on the foundation of our works of obedience and service. Are you standing in the grace of God, or standing in the merits of your obedience? In Jesus Christ a believer stands firmly forever in the grace of our God!

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