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The Cry For Help

Most reasonable people agree that attacking and harming someone without provocation is evil. They would also agree that someone who attacks and hurts someone that is unable to defend themselves is evil. They would even go so far as to say that someone, who sees another person, that is unable to defend themselves, being attacked and does nothing to aid their cries for help, has done something evil. The fight against the evils of abortion is as long and difficult as they come, yet we must remain engaged in the battle. We must continue to do what we can to aid those who are being attacked and killed without provocation. Those unable to defend themselves and unable even to cry out to us for help. We must be their voice, their allies, their defenders, doing everything we can to come to their rescue. It is estimated that last year in Michigan alone, more than 1,700 babies were slaughtered using a method known as "dismemberment abortion." The shocking and gory details of this procedure are almost impossible to comprehend. Right now signatures are being collected on a petition to end this practice in the state of Michigan. Let's put our names on this petition, and let's petition the Lord of glory to end this evil. True, it will not end the practice of abortion entirely, but it is another step we can take toward that end. It is the least we can do to come to the aid of the helpless victims of abortion. May our hearts be moved by the suffering of these innocent lives.

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