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Your Kingdom Come

In these posts we are examining the Lord's Prayer recorded in Matthew 6:9-13, which is a pattern for our own prayers laid out by Jesus Christ. The first three requests presented in this prayer regard God Himself. We first express our desire for the name of God to be hallowed. We want to see Him appreciated and glorified in this world for who He truly is. A second desire we express is a desire to see His kingdom come to earth. We are mindful that God inhabits a kingdom, and it is a kingdom not of this world (John 18:36). Jesus reigns as the chosen and anointed king in the kingdom of heaven, and He invites us to become part of His kingdom by faith. When we repent of our sins and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation, we become citizens of His kingdom. But as citizens of the kingdom of heaven we remain pilgrims in the kingdom of this world. Our king is not welcome here and His Law is mocked. Jesus warned us that, as those who belong to His kingdom, we will also be mocked and persecuted. Thankfully, God has promised that the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of Jesus Christ (Revelation 11:15). This means that God has determined a time when Jesus Christ will return to this earth and establish His kingdom here. The kingdom of heaven will come to earth. In earlier posts we discussed what God has told us about the arrival of His kingdom in this world. It will be accompanied by great tribulation for the sinful, unbelieving inhabitants of this world; and will begin with Christ establishing His throne in Israel for 1,000 years of righteousness, blessing and peace reigning in this world. For those who reject Christ, and do not repent of their sins, this arrival of His kingdom is a terrible reality. All are urged to repent and turn to Jesus Christ before He comes to earth. For us who belong to Jesus Christ and are part of His kingdom, the coming of His kingdom to earth is a precious promise. We are eager for the day when our King will come into this world of sin and establish His law of righteousness. We are anxious for the time when the corruption and ravages of sin will be removed by His goodness and glory. So, we ask God our Father that His kingdom be brought into this world. We ask Him because we believe He will. We ask Him because we don't know when He will. We ask Him because it is a sincere desire of our heart. This provokes two questions to consider. First of all, are you anticipating the coming of the kingdom of God to earth? Is it a sincere desire? Do you sense a discomfort in the kingdom of this world, and a sense that you belong to a different kingdom? If we belong to Jesus Christ, this is our desire and we express it to our Father in heaven. Secondly, have you become part of His kingdom yet? Have you recognized that you have disobeyed God and must repent, asking for His mercy and forgiveness, and trusting in the promise of Jesus Christ to cleanse and save you? Do this soon, before He comes to the earth to remove all who remain unrepentant and disobedient.

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